Configure ServiceConfigurationTool.exe.config - Intergraph Smart Materials - Version 2017 (2.0) - Installation - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Materials Web API Installation 2017 (2.0)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Installation & Upgrade

Before registering the API, apply the following changes for the keys under app settings in the Intergraph.WebApi.ServiceConfigurationTool.exe.config file, located at <installed path>\tools\WEBAPIConfigTool:

  • Servicename - Provide the name of the Smart API.

  • ServiceManagerUrl - Add the URL of SAM (Smart Application Manager) where the SAM is hosted.

  • clientId - Unique identifier for this Configuration Tool.

  • clientSecret - Used to identify the client.

Manually register this configuration tool as a client in SAM, to get clientId and clientSecrect. For more details about registering as client in SAM refer to the SAM help.