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Intergraph Smart Materials Web API Installation 2017 (2.0)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Installation & Upgrade

The process is to encrypt the connection strings present in web.config of the hosted application.

Consider the following sample Web.config file for the application which is hosted in IIS.

The credentials are stored as plain text in the connection string.

  1. Open Cmd in Administrator mode.

  2. Open the following path:


  3. Now to encrypt the connection strings, give the following command:

    aspnet_regiis -pef "connectionStrings" "C:\Program Files\INTERGRAPH\SPMAT API"

    In this command, pef is keyword to encrypt the connection string.

    The second argument connectionStrings indicates that the name of the configuration section needs to be encrypted.

    The third argument is the physical path of the folder where the web.config file is located.

Now the section is encrypted and the web.config looks like: