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To calculate the absolute position of all components in the pipeline, the software needs to know the coordinates of at least one point in the pipeline model. You can use the Place Origin command or the Add Origin function of the Query 3D Coordinate command to specify and position 3D coordinates anywhere in the pipeline. After this point is defined, the software is able to compute all other relative coordinates from that single point.

Smart Isometrics treats the origins that you add as the most significant data it has. After you define an origin, the software never changes it, either through the entry of a conflicting dimension or the addition of new coordinates.

Origins and Start Points

There are no rules for adding origins. You can place them at any keypoint in the pipe sketch. You can identify any origin that you add as a start point using the Set as Start Point option in the Add Origin dialog box.

You can place a start point only at the open end of a component.

In the pipeline model, the start point displays as shown in the example below:

Normal origins that you place subsequent to the start point are represented in the pipeline model as follows:

While defining a start point has little significance in sketching terms, it is a powerful tool in terms of generating the final isometric drawing. During drawing generation, Isogen uses the start point of the pipeline model and bases all part, weld, and spool numbering on this start point. Regardless of how you modify the pipeline, the same numbering sequence is used as long as the start point remains in the same location. As a result, using a start point is a powerful tool for revision control and management.

Add Origin dialog box


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