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Intergraph Smart Isometrics
2019 (10.0)

When first placed, the concentric reducer is undefined. It is necessary to apply a bore change to one side of the reducer to set both the direction and bore size for either the inlet or outlet.

You can place a reducer in both orthogonal and skewed pipe.

  1. On the Place toolbar, click the Fitting list, and then select a concentric reducer.

  2. Click the location on the pipe at which to place the reducer.

    The software places an equal bore reducer in the specified location.

    Placing a reducer in this way now requires you to make a corresponding change of bore to one of the sections of pipe.

  3. Right-click to exit place mode.

  4. Right-click the section of pipe to which want to apply the change of bore, click Change Bore, and then select the size of bore in the list.

    The software applies the bore change and updates the reducer accordingly. If the side of the reducer that has the lower bore becomes the higher bore, the software automatically flips the reducer to accommodate the change in pipe bore.

  5. If needed, assign an item code to the reducer to complete its placement.

  • If there is an entry for the reducer in the Default Choice reference table, the software automatically assigns the appropriate item code and the reducer displays green in the sketch, which is the default sketch color for a fully specified component; otherwise, you must assign an item code.

  • Review the Errors window for any issues that the software encountered when applying the bore change.

  • When changing bore, the software updates all the parts of the sketch to which the bore change will be applied.

  • If no reducer of the type needed to accommodate the change of bore is in the current specification, the software replaces it using generic material.

  • If you delete a reducer before applying the change of bore, the pipe is shown broken. To reconnect it, drag one of the pipes to connect it to the other. Doing so reinstates the pipe and removes the pipe break.

  • For an eccentric reducer, use the replace material method to provide one.