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Intergraph Smart Isometrics
2019 (10.0)

Smart Isometrics provides several options for manipulating the view of your data as it appears in the windowDetail window. For example, you can adjust the view to display the entire model, or you can focus on specific parts of the model. You can also increase or decrease the viewing area. Decreasing causes everything within the window to appear larger, while increasing causes everything within the window to appear smaller.

The commands listed below are available on the View toolbar:

Update Current View refreshes the view of the model to update its contents.

Zoom Tool increases or decreases the display size of objects in the pipeline model. You can zoom in to get a closer view of an object or zoom out to view more of the model at a reduced size. Click the left mouse button and drag the pointer upward in the window to increase the view of an object as though you were moving closer to it. Drag the pointer downward in the window to reduce the view as though you were moving further away from the object.

Zoom Area increases the view magnification of an area in the pipeline model that you define with two points.

Fit displays the entire contents of the pipeline model in the Detail window.

Fit View to Selection zooms in on the selected pipe or component so that it fills the display window entirely.

Center View on Selection moves the view point so that the selected object is centered in the display window.

Pan repositions the model in the display window so that you can view another section of the pipeline without changing the view magnification.

Show/Hide Background removes Isogen-generated background graphics, such as a backing sheet, dimension lines, material list, and so on.

  • To toggle on and off the display of the View toolbar, click View > Toolbars > View.

  • An identical set of the view commands is also available on the View menu.

3D View control

A collection of 3D View commands allows you to display the model as a scaled, real-world 3D graphical representation, according to the list of available piping and components displayed in the Pipeline Explorer, and then rotate the 3D display in a specified direction. Using the commands on the 3D View toolbar, you can manipulate the view and easily orient the model.

Show opens the 3D View window and displays the pipeline in a separate window as a scaled 3D model.

Refresh redraws the 3D view of the model to update its contents. When multiple piping data files are open, the software updates the contents of all pipelines.

Standard View changes the view orientation of the 3D model to one of the following standard views: Iso North: Top Left, Iso North: Top Right, Iso North: Bottom Left, Iso North: Bottom Right, Look Down, Look Up, Look North, Look South, Look East, and Look West.

Additional 3D View commands are available in the View menu that allow you to show or hide any of the files that are currently opened. You can click View > 3D View > Copy to place a copy of the current 3D View window contents on the Clipboard. Clicking View > 3D View > Print, allows you to print the contents of the 3D View window to a specified printer. You can also toggle between a symbolic or rendered view of the current model.

  • The software automatically updates the display of the pipeline model in the 3D View window whenever an inline component is dimensionally moved or when pipe or an assembly is dynamically dimensioned. For more information about dynamic dimensions, see Dimension the Pipeline.

  • To toggle on and off the display of the 3D View toolbar, click View > Toolbars > 3D View.


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