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2019 (10.0)

If a length of pipe starts or finishes within another length of pipe placed perpendicular to it, a branch element is automatically inserted.

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The branch element is any component or fitting that implies a connection between the end of one pipe and the middle of another, such as an olet, a 3-way valve or a fitting tee. The exact type of branch element is not specified until the item code is assigned.

As with other components, the software can automatically assign the item code using the Default Choice reference table, or you can manually assign it using the Item Code dialog box.

  1. Click Route Pipe .

  2. Click a point in a section of the pipeline to indicate placement of the branch element. To indicate that it is permissible to insert a branch element in the location you specify, the cursor changes to ,as shown in the example. If a branch element cannot be placed, the cursor changes to .

  3. Continue to route in the same way.

    The software automatically inserts a branch element to connect the two pipes.

  • In the example, the branch element displays in green, which is the default color the software uses to indicate that an element is fully defined. In other words, the orientation, item code, and dimensions of the element are fully specified. If a default choice exists in the specification to which the project is connected, the software assigns the item code automatically.

  • If no entry is present in the Branch Table reference table for the required bore combination, the software automatically places a tee.