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Intergraph Smart Isometrics
2019 (10.0)

Displays the properties of the selected document or documents. If only one document is selected in the tree view, the properties that display on this tab are the properties of that selected document. If multiple documents are selected, only those properties with the same value for all documents appear. Any properties with varying values across the documents appear with blank values in these fields.

Selected documents

Displays a list of the documents selected for publishing. You must populate this list by selecting documents before you use the Publish command.

Last Published

Indicates the date on which the document or documents were last published.


Displays the name of the document.


Indicates the authoring tool in which the document was created.


Displays the type of document or documents selected.

Issue Only

Allows you to issue request documents without republishing them. Use this option when no changes were made to the drawing and you only want to add it to a contract.

  • Even with this option set, you can still publish the documents. If any of the documents have never been published, they must be published, regardless of this setting.

  • You will receive an error message if you select multiple documents and activate this option when one or more of the selected documents cannot be changed. For example, the error message displays if the selected set of documents includes both a new document (for which this field can be set only to No) and current or locked documents (for which this field can be set only to Yes). The error message prompts you to select a smaller set of documents.


Displays the current revision number of the selected document or documents.

Revision Scheme

Displays the revision scheme applied to the selected document or documents.


Indicates the current version of the selected document or documents.


Indicates the workflow to which the selected document or documents are assigned.

Check and publish released claims for previously deleted items

Specifies that you want to resolve issues where deleted items were restored from an earlier version and the claim on them was released. This check takes additional time and should only be used when deleted items have been restored. This option is not supported in this release.

This check box should also be activated when publishing after a backup is restored or when releasing the claim on an object forces another tool to release the claim on a related object that was previously deleted. In this specific case, the tool fetches the object again from As-Built and releases the claim.


Specifies the operation to perform on the selected document.

  • Publish Now publishes the selected document immediately.

  • Background publish publishes the selected document immediately as a separate process, allowing you to perform other tasks at the same time.


Opens the Custom dialog box. This functionality is available only if defined by your project implementation team.