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2019 (10.0)

In many cases, the software automatically assigns an item code as you place a component, either because there is a default choice in the specification or because there is only one choice in the catalog. It is also possible to assign an item code manually using the Item Code dialog box.

Automatic Assignment

Item codes are determined by the configuration of your specification. Whenever you place a component, including when routing or changing bore, the software uses the following rules to determine item code assignment.

  • If there is only one candidate in the specification, the software uses it.

  • If there are multiple candidates in the specification, the software uses the default choice (if there is one)

  • If there are multiple candidates in the specification but no default choice, the component becomes generic.

Manual Assignment

In instances where the software does not assign an item code, use the following procedure to assign one manually. Alternatively, use the following steps to override the item code assigned to the component by the software when it was initially placed.

  1. Right-click the component, and then select Item Code.

    The software opens the dialog boxItem Code dialog box .

  2. Select the item code.

  3. Click OK.

  • If you have made changes to the active material specification but have not yet synchronized the pipeline model with those changes, the software displays a message similar to the one below.

    Click Yes to update all instances of the component.

  • By default, the Item Code/Description/Component Type/Spec grid is sorted by item code. Click one of the other column headers to sort by that field instead.

  • If you select more than one component, the item code you choose is applied to all of them, even if they already have an item code assigned

  • Usually, changing the item code on a component changes the component dimension. When this happens, the software tries to preserve the existing overall dimensions.