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Intergraph Smart Isometrics
2019 (10.0)

Place Gaskets and Flanges Automatically places gaskets and flanges on all components in the pipeline that require them.

If you have selected any components in the pipeline, the software only places gaskets and flanges on those items. If you have selected a pipeline or a sheet, the software places gaskets and flanges for the components on the selected pipeline or sheet. If no components are selected, the software places gaskets and flanges on all components.

  1. Click Place Gaskets and Flanges Automatically .

    The software examines the pipeline and looks for the following conditions:

    • If the software finds a pipe with open ends, it places a flange.

    • If the software finds a component with flanged ends, it inserts a gasket and a flange to each flanged end.

    • If the software finds a solitary gasket on pipe, it places a flange on either side of the gasket.

  2. If needed, Assign an item code to each gasket and flange that requires one.

  • If the Automatically place gaskets at open ends option is selected on the Preferences tab of the Options dialog box, the software also places a gasket with each flange.

  • If a default choice is available, the software assigns the current default choice gasket and flange to those automatically placed.

  • You can configure Material Editor to allow for a more complex arrangement of flanges and gaskets, such as those used for adding backing flanges and lapjoint stud ends. For more information, see the Smart Isometrics Material Editor Help.

  • You can also require the software to automatically place a flange each time you manually place a gasket on a section of pipe. Click Tools > Options, and then select Automatically place flanges with gaskets on the Preferences tab. For more information, see Preferences tab (Options dialog box).

  • After placement, you can dynamically dimension a connected group of components, such as a flanged valve, by pressing CTRL+ALT and dragging the assembly along the pipeline. For more information, see Dimension the Pipeline.