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Intergraph Smart Isometrics Help

Intergraph Smart Isometrics

Isogen produces drawing and report deliverables each time that it processes a pipeline. If you are logged in to an IsogenDB project, you can quickly preview the isometric drawing and report output for any pipeline that belongs to the project.

  1. Click Project > Show Project Pipelines.

    The software opens the Isogen Database View window.

  2. Select a pipeline in the list, and then click Deliverables on the toolbar.

    The software opens the Deliverables window and lists the isometric drawing and report deliverables that are available for the selected pipeline. By default, the software selects the first drawing deliverable listed in the Drawings panel and displays its contents in the Preview panel.

    If no deliverables exist for the selected pipeline, the software displays a message in the Status bar.

  3. Select a drawing deliverable in the Drawings panel.


    Select a report deliverable in the Reports panel.

    The Preview panel displays the contents of the selected deliverable.

  • When you select a drawing deliverable, you can use the toolbar commands to manipulate the drawing view in the Preview panel.

  • Double-clicking a drawing deliverable opens the isometric drawing using the software associated with the output drawing file type (if it is installed on the local machine). Alternatively, you can use SmartSketch Viewer, which is delivered on the Smart Isometrics product DVD. For information about how to install SmartSketch Viewer, see the Smart Isometrics installation documentation.

  • You can also use the command line to perform drawing generation. You must provide the pipeline identifier and the project name.

  • Double-clicking a report deliverable opens the report using your default text editor.

  • For more information about previewing drawing and report deliverables, see Deliverables window.