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Intergraph Smart Isometrics Help

Intergraph Smart Isometrics
2019 (10.0)

Isometric directory

Displays the folder location containing the project to which you are currently connected. This information is read-only.


Displays the name of the project containing all configuration and isometric styles. This information is read-only.

Isometric style

Specifies the isometric style the software uses to generate the drawing. The style determines the Isogen settings, controls and drawing sheets that produce the isometric drawing in a particular format. Only those styles that are available in the current project display in the list.

Output units

Specifies the dimensional units displayed in the isometric drawing. By default, Isogen creates the drawing with the same dimensional units used in the sketch. However, you can select (on-the-fly) alternative output units. The output units that you select only affect the output drawing. They do not change the Smart Isometrics project setting.

North arrow

Specifies the North Arrow orientation in the isometric drawing. By default, Isogen creates a drawing with the same North Arrow orientation used in the sketch. However, you can select (on-the-fly) an alternative orientation: TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, BOTTOM LEFT, or BOTTOM RIGHT. The view point that you select only affects the output drawing. It does not change the Smart Isometrics project setting.

Output Item Code Set

Lists the text map identifiers that are available in the specification. By default, the software displays the default text map as defined in Material Editor. If no alternate text maps exist in the specification, the Output Item Code Set option is unavailable.

Alternate text maps provide alternative item codes for the materials in the specification. The software uses the default text map to populate the Materials List output in the isometric drawing.

Generate Pipeline Isometrics

Forces Isogen to produce an isometric for each pipeline in the system rather than a whole system isometric. This option is only available for systems.

Use project symbols

Generates the isometric drawing using any custom symbols that have been redefined in Symbol Editor. For more information about using custom symbols, see Custom Symbols for Isometric Drawings.