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Intergraph Smart Isometrics

Smart Isometrics provides several simple methods for manipulating pipeline objects. You can quickly copy an object or group of objects onto a sheet. Copying objects saves you time by eliminating the need to re-create information, as well as helps you maintain accurate data throughout a project.

Copying pipeline objects

You can copy any object that you place in the pipeline sketch: components, sections of pipe, or even an entire pipeline. Copying an object makes it possible to use something that is already in place as a starting point for placing a new object. Several methods exist for doing this, such as using Copy on the Edit toolbar or clicking Edit > Copy. Copying places the selected object or objects on the Clipboard. When you click Paste , the software places a floating copy of the object underneath the mouse pointer allowing you to place it in the appropriate location.

Copying and pasting an object removes its 3D coordinates, but all other properties remain unchanged.

Cutting and deleting pipeline objects

You can delete an object or select set from a sketch by selecting it, and then clicking Cut or Delete on the Edit toolbar. Clicking Cut places the selected item on the Clipboard. You can then use Paste to place the object in the current document or into other documents. However, clicking Delete , permanently removes the object. You cannot reinsert or paste objects that you delete. However, you can retrieve the data by clicking Edit > Undo immediately after it is removed.

If you do not paste the object after cutting it, the software permanently removes it from the sketch.

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