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Intergraph Smart Isometrics
2019 (10.0)
  1. Click Place Additional Material on the Place toolbar. Alternatively, click Place > Place Additional Material.

  2. Select the component or the pipeline on which to place the additional material.

    The Place Additional Material dialog box displays.

  3. Select the component group in the Group list.

    The software updates the dialog box to display only those component types that belong to the selected group.

  4. Select the material to place in the model.

  5. In the Quantity box, type the number of items to place, and then click OK.

    If you are placing pipe as additional material, you must define the length of the associated pipe by typing a value in the Length box. For example, if you define the Quantity as 2 and the Length as 1000mm, the software creates two lengths of 1000mm pipe.

    The software places the additional material. Components and pipe are placed in the model at Run_1. Supports are placed at Center_1.

  • The additional material displays in the model as a flag. When you select this flag, the Properties window displays the properties information for the additional material.

  • To delete additional material, select its flag in the model, and then press DELETE.

  • The Pipeline Explorer uses the icon to indicate a component is an additional material.

  • The Place Additional Material command stays active so that you can continue placing additional material in the model. To exit the command, double-click or right-click an empty space in the Detail window.

  • When you generate the drawing, any additional materials that you place in the model appear in the material list.

  • Use the steps below to place additional material on multiple items simultaneously:

    1. Press CTRL while selecting each item in the model on which to place additional material.

    2. Right-click, and select Place Additional Material.

    3. Use the options in the Place Additional Material dialog box to specify the additional material to place, and then click OK.