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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D

CloudWorx allows you to load, view, and manipulate millions of points captured by a Leica Geosystems HDSTM scanner in Intergraph Smart® 3D. You can view, pick, and measure against cloud of points. You can also extract piping geometry from the points or run interference checks against other geometries. To manage large point cloud data within Smart 3D, CloudWorx takes advantage of Cyclone Point Cloud Engine's Level of Detail spatial data management system to balance the amount of points loaded and rendered with efficient visualization.

Integration of point cloud data within Smart 3D helps lower the time, effort, and cost of process plant retrofit engineering and construction projects by helping engineers take advantage of the accuracy and completeness of point clouds for better design of retrofit projects. More accurate design, based on such existing condition data integration, translates into less construction rework due to interferences and fit-up problems and helps eliminate costly field fabrication.