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11 (2016)


A Plate bound operation exists with no related operand.



Detailed Description

The Plate bound operation (OID begins with 0010A1F0) does not have an operand.

Possible Cause


Possible Impacts

You cannot manipulate the object itself or other objects related to it.

What You Should Do

  1. Correct all the parts on the To Do List that have boundary problems.

  2. Re-run the Check Database Integrity custom command and the DBIntegrity report.

For the problems that remain:

  1. Ask your database administrator to back up the model.

  2. Supply all information possible that may have led to this situation, and submit this information along with the backup to Smart 3D Support.

  3. Delete the object using one of the following methods:

    • Select the object in the Workspace Explorer, and delete it.

    • Run the Clean Database custom command to delete the object.