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An object and its related internal objects are in different permission groups.



Detailed Description

The permission group of internal objects must be the same as the permission group of the parent object. For example, Sketch3D and its internal turnpoints must be under the same permission group. Otherwise, you might encounter problems in editing and removing the sketch path. The same applies to structural footings, structural assembly connections, equipment foundations, and equipment that has optional child outputs. The child outputs must be in the same permission group as the parent object.

Possible Cause

Editing an existing object that results in the addition of new objects such as adding a new leg to a sketched path on a handrail, civil trench, or wall. Another example is the addition of the optional grout pad after the initial footing placement. The placement was done using one permission group whereas the edit uses the current default permission group, which might have changed from when the object was initially created.

Possible Impacts

This problem prevents you from deleting or editing objects because you do not have permission to delete the child.

What You Should Do

Run Clean Database to set the parent permission group to the children.