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Assembly connection is missing one or more of its custom plate parts.



Detailed Description

The identified assembly connection should have a generated custom plate part as its output (such as the base plate for the bottom of a column or the gusset for a gusset-type connection).

It is highly likely that if this database message appears, the assembly connection is also in the To Do List as a result of an inconsistent geometric condition (for example, the supported and supporting members no longer intersect).

Possible Cause


Possible Impacts

No gusset plate or base plate will appear for the assembly connection.

What You Should Do

The assembly connection needs to be re-created.

  1. Ask your database administrator to back up the model.

  2. Supply all information possible that may have led to this situation, and submit this information along with the backup to Intergraph Process, Power & Marine Support.

  3. Open the model.

  4. Locate the offending assembly connection, and delete it from the model.

  5. Re-create the assembly connection through the normal create assembly connection process.