Generate authorization tokens - HxGN SDx - Version 2019 - Installation & Upgrade - Hexagon PPM

HxGN SDx Connector for TruView Installation

Installation & Upgrade

After registering and enabling the application in the Manage Client Apps web page in TruView Enterprise / TruView Cloud, you must authorize the application by generating the following tokens:

  • Access token - To access the data set in the TruView Enterprise / TruView Cloud server. The access token expires after every one hour and must be refreshed.

  • Refresh token - To refresh the access tokens periodically.

To generate tokens:

  1. Log onto the TruView Enterprise or Cloud web portal as an administrator.

  2. Click Administration in the home page, and navigate to the Server Administration page.

  3. Open the Generate Application tokens:<application> window, and click Secret in the respective <application> bar for which tokens are generated.

  4. Enter a valid username and password in the respective boxes in the Generate Application tokens:<application> window.

    The username and password must be the credentials which the application will impersonate when accessing the TruView EnterpriseTruView Enterprise / TruView Cloud server. For example, if you want to access the TruView Enterprise / TruView Cloud server as an administrator, then type the administrator credentials.

  5. Click Submit Token Request to generate the access token and refresh token.

You must regenerate tokens whenever the TruView Enterprise / TruView Cloud server is restarted or refreshed.

  • You can copy the tokens to the clipboard by clicking Copy .

  • You must save the tokens in a secured location in the application. These tokens play a key role when the application tries to access the TruView Enterprise / TruView Cloud server by impersonating the user role for which the tokens are generated.

  • Once the access is enabled and the tokens are generated, the SDx Connector for TruView administrator can synchronize both the TruView Enterprise / TruView Cloud and the HxGN SDx application servers using the Web Client. For more information on how to synchronize both the servers, see Synchronize servers to import data.