Register SmartPlant Foundation application server - HxGN SDx - Version 2019 - Installation & Upgrade - Hexagon PPM

HxGN SDx Connector for TruView Installation

Installation & Upgrade

To enable access from HxGN SDx to TruView Enterprise or Cloud application server, you must register the HxGN SDx application server by completing the following steps:

  1. Log onto the TruView Enterprise or Cloud web portal using the administrator credentials.

  2. Click Administration in the home page, and navigate to the Server Administration page.

  3. Click Manage Client Apps tile in the Server Administration page.

    To view and access the Manage Client Apps module, you must enable the CORS and application management API with the certificate token received from the Leica Geosystems. Once the API is enabled, the Apps & API enabled flag in the Server Administration page is set to green. For more information, see TruView Enterprise: Enable API access in the TruView Enterprise and Cloud Development guide.

  4. In the Manage Client Apps module, click Add Application to create a new client application in the Client Application definition window. Available in Update 12

    Show Client Application definition window

  5. In the Client Application definition window:

    • Type a name in the Application Name text box.

      The name is the unique identifier (used within the OAuth2 protocol) of your application and must be in lower case.

    • Enable or disable the type of roles your application will impersonate when using the API.

    • Callback URL - Type the URL path to connect to the HxGN SDx server that will enable you to use the SDx Connector for TruView by authentication. Available in Update 12

      • The Callback URL path must be in lower case. You must ensure that the URL is similar to the OAuth redirect URL specified under the corresponding Web Client Site Settings node in HxGN SDx Server Manager.

      • To enable authentication when connecting from the Web Client server, you must ensure that the following path is appended to the URL typed in the Callback URL box: /viewers/truview/tvg-authorize.html. For example the complete URL looks like the following: http://in-<TruView server name><WebClient sitename>/viewers/truview/tvg-authorize.html

You can view the registered application in the TruView Enterprise or Cloud Manage Client Apps module.