Smart API Manager - SmartPlant Foundation - 2019 (10.0) - Installation

Infrastructure Planning and Deployment for SmartPlant Foundation

SmartPlant Foundation
Installation & Upgrade

To use Smart API Manager as your authentication server, you make changes to the configuration files on both the application server and the Web Client server.

Application Server Configuration

The web.config file in the application server directory needs to be modified to include the settings from your Smart API.



<oauth issuer="https://[SAM_SERVER]/oauth" requiredScopes="ingr.api" />

<cors allowedOrigins="[ALLOWED_ORIGINS]" allowedMethods="*" allowedHeaders="*" exposedHeaders="" allowCredentials="true" preflightMaxAge="600" />


<services baseUri="">

<service prefix="api" id="[SAM_API_ID]" secret="[SAM_API_SECRET]" instance="" />



The placeholders in the code snippet are defined below:

SAM_SERVER - Name of the Smart API Manager server

ALLOWED_ORIGINS - List of domains (with transport protocol) that are allowed to access this resource

SAM_API_ID - Smart API ID associated with this resource

SAM_API_SECRET - Smart API secret generated for this Smart API

Web Client Configuration

The Web Client settings.js file needs to be modified to include the following settings:

authorization.url - URL of the Smart API Manager OAuth end-point

authorization.clientId - Smart Client ID, created in SAM, associated with this resource

authorization.identityProvider - Can be set to a specific Identity Provider ID