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2019 (10.0)

You can now build an access control query for the starting object type using the Access Control Query Wizard. The wizard displays the following pages:

Query types

The Query Type page is where you can select a query type to build the access control query as follows:

By User Profile - Selects a user, a role, a configuration, an access group, or the starting object as the query type.

By Schema - Selects a specific class definition, an interface definition, or the starting object as the query type.

All Methods - Selects methods as your starting object type. You can use client APIs to narrow the results.

Main criteria

The Main Criteria page is where you choose the criteria to build the query. The available options are sensitive to the starting object and query type selected.

Type a name in the Main Criteria Name box or search for the object using wildcards. For example, in a By User Profile query type, search and select the name of a user, such as Piping Engineer.


The filter pages displayed are sensitive to the context of any preceding pages. Each page shows a list of filters that you can apply to narrow the results, such as Configuration Items, Roles, Access Groups, Interfaces, and Client APIs.

Click Select All to select all items in a filter list or click Deselect All to remove them from the list so you can then select items individually.

Additional filters

The Additional Filters page displays a set of filters to further refine the query criteria depending on the query type selected. The filter options are sensitive to the context of any preceding pages. For more information, see Additional Query Filters.


The Summary page is where you can confirm the details of the search query are correct or go back to the previous pages and edit the query. Click Finish to run the query.

How can I refine the access control query?

After you have run a query, you can refine the access group query by clicking Refine Query. This re-opens the query so you can edit the details using the Access Groups Query Wizard.

  • For examples on how the pages are displayed using different query types in the wizard, see Access Control Query Examples.

  • If an object is not showing in a query result list, such as method, access to these can be controlled using access groups. Contact your administrator for more information on your access permissions.