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2019 (10.0)

A line list record is one of the rows in the line list document. A line list record is created by rolling up line segments, such as By Fluid Code and Pipe Sequence Number. After you create a line list object in SmartPlant Foundation (or retrieve one from Smart P&ID), you can add line list records to the line list in the Line List Edit - Records window.

  1. Find the line list that you want to add records to. To find the line list, click Find > Line List > Line Lists.

  2. Right-click the line list, and click Line List Edit – Records on the shortcut menu.

  3. To add a new line list record, click the blank line at the bottom of the table, and type the name of the line list record. For more information, see Create a new object in the List Edit window.

    When you create line list records, names for line list records can be automatically created using the Engineering Numbering System (ENS). If your administrator has configured ENS to use properties to name the line list record, the name is created automatically in the appropriate format when the properties are defined. For more information, see Configuring ENS definitions for line list record naming.

  4. Define other settings for the line list record in the Line List Edit - Records window. For more information, see Edit the properties of an object in the List Edit window.

    • When you create new line list records, you can enter values for properties that are designated as read-only. Read-only properties cannot be edited after they have been saved to the database.

    • Select the option in the Delay consolidation cell for a line list record to exclude the record from any consolidation for the line list. The record is not consolidated until you clear this option.

      Using this flag, you can manually enter properties on the line list record and prevent consolidation from the segments that are retrieved from a P&ID and related to the line list record. When you have checked that the data on the segments matches the data you have assigned to the line list record, turn off the Delay consolidation property option. The next time you roll up the line segments, the line list record properties that are configured for consolidation are overwritten by the properties rolled up from the attached line segments. The Delay consolidation? option is ignored if the line segments are rolled up to create the line list record for the first time.

    • Select the option in the Exclude from line list cell to exclude the record from the publishable line list document snapshot. You can also exclude retrieved records from the line list by selecting this option.

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 to add new line list records to the line list.

  6. Click OK to save the changes.