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2019 (10.0)

A data sheet is an Excel document that is based on one or many view definitions. A data sheet requires a predefined template in order to map data from the view definitions onto an Excel worksheet. This predefined template is populated with data during the preparation process to create a new data sheet document and this defines how the view definitions and properties are mapped.

  • Any fields containing properties gathered from across defined edges cannot be modified, as a property on the object is not editable; this is data that you would not author in a data sheet. This is a general rule and expected as normal behavior.

  • Properties gathered from across relationships, and from differing component schemas, are the properties of other objects and so they are also uneditable, by default.

  • Any change made to an uneditable field will not be reflected in the published data.

  • If any custom Microsoft Excel macros are required for formatting purposes, these can be added anywhere in the VBA project of the Excel data sheet template file, but must not be added to the This Workbook module. All internal macros are added to the This Workbook module and are deleted when saving object-specific data sheet files back to SmartPlant Foundation.

  • There is an additional SPFToolCreate12 flag on the relationship definition in SmartPlant Foundation that can be set to CreateorRelate (all properties are read-write), RelateOnly (all properties are read only) or Disabled (all properties are reference only). If the SPFToolCreate12 or SPFToolCreate21 flag is set on the relationship definition, then the corresponding mapped cell cannot be edited manually, but can be managed using the data sheet toolbar. If a property is in another component schema, then its edge is set to Disabled (reference only). You can use Create or Relate (read write) for object edges as these are being created or updated in the data sheet.

  • An example of an uneditable field is the name of the Plant as set through SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client. In a data sheet or data List, the Plant name shows up as Site. The user cannot change the name of a plant by modifying the Site field in a data sheet or data list, as this is set to Disabled (reference only).

The following diagram illustrates how you can create new data sheets, data lists or modify existing data sheets or data lists.

  • Only data sheets can be related to an object classification instead of an interface definition. For example, Edit Data Sheet for an instrument navigates to the instrument classification to get the data sheet definition.

  • Data sheets and data lists can have a related interface definition. In that case, objects that have instantiated the interface may use the related data sheet or data list.

  • Data lists can also be configured to operate using a query on a pull-down menu, for example, to edit all control valves or all methods. In this case, there is no need for the related interface definition. The data sheet or data list definition to use is specified on the method.

  • For more information on creating data sheets and data lists, see Creating a data sheet and Creating a data list.