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SmartPlant Foundation (2019) Help

Asset Information Management
SmartPlant Foundation
2019 (10.0)
2019 (10.0)
  1. In the Data Capture Pre-Processor Utilities module, click 3D Reader Pre-Processor.

  2. Click Browse Folder to select a base directory.

  3. Select a template from the Template list.

  4. In the File Pattern text box, type a file pattern to process the files matching the file pattern.

  5. Type a domain name in the Domain Name box. This domain name will be taken into consideration during content discovery and the tags extracted from this file will be related to this domain.

    Based on the database connection type, it is recommended you restrict the number of characters in the domain name as follows:

    • For SQL and Oracle 12.2 (or later) – The domain name must not exceed 10 characters.

    • For Oracle 12.1 – The domain name must not exceed 9 characters.

  6. In the OleDB Provider box, type the OleDB provider name used to connect to the Microsoft Access database. For example: Microsoft.ACE.OLDEB.12.0 or Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0.

  7. Select the Match Tag Patterns option to extract the tags that are defined in the Tag Discovery Patterns module into the content file.

  8. Select the Output Raw Data option to generate the raw data file. This file can be used to see additional properties and view all the information in text format.

  9. Click Start Processing.

    • After the processing of a file is complete, on the Progress tab, click next to the file name in the File Name column to view the content file generated for the selected file.

    • If any of the parent attributes are not extracted as a tag, then the 3D Reader Pre-processor module adds the parent attribute to the content file for tag extraction after processing the.mdb2 file.

    • If the status of the file denotes Processed, select the file and click Delete Pre-Processed Files to delete the files that are already created for the 3D file. This enables the Start Processing button.

    • On the Outputs tab, click on the file name hyperlink to view the log file.