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2019 (10.0)
2019 (10.0)

To change the recipients assigned to later steps, update the associated workflow, and update the recipients for any step in the workflow.

  1. Right-click the object in the workflow, and click Edit > Update Step Recipients.

  2. If necessary, populate the user list with users or roles by clicking User or Role, or populate the Matrices list by clicking Matrices.

    If recipients have already been assigned to the workflow to which the object is attached, these recipients are loaded into the dialog box automatically.

  3. To add a user or role to the Assignment or Information only recipient lists, click the appropriate Add button.

  4. Set the Reason for Receipt and Format for each user or role, as necessary.

    • Reason for Receipt specifies which action, if any, is required of the user upon receipt of a transmittal. The default values are I (information), C (comment), and W (work).

    • Format specifies the paper size used to send printed documents to users.

    • You can use the lists in the Default values section of the dialog box to set the Reason for Receipt and Format values automatically for newly added users.

  5. For users or roles in the Information only recipient list, click the check box beside the user or role name to specify that a response is required upon receipt.

    By default, the check box is not selected unless the Display workflow information steps check box is selected in the SmartPlant Foundation Options dialog box in the Desktop Client.

  6. In the Group assignment control and Group acknowledgement control sections, select an option from the list to specify which recipients must respond to the workflow steps: all recipients, one per assigned role, or only one per step.

Recipients assigned using this command are not stored on the object in the workflow, but on a step in the workflow to which the object is attached.