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12 (2018)

Provides a list of custom tests available for the current marine mode rule set. This dialog box displays when you select Edit in the Custom box on the Actions tab of the Edit Ruleset View Style dialog box. You can make changes to the tests as needed for the current rule set view style action.

Filter Method

Provides options to either Match All or Match Any objects found by the selected tests.

Tests and Properties

For each test, you can specify how the test is applied to the current rule set view style action.


Turns tests on or off. When the box is checked, the test is turned on and applied to the rule set view style action.


Specifies the test condition checked by the rule set view style action.


Specifies the operator used in the test.


Sets the value checked against the specified condition.

Custom test conditions are unique for each view style rule set.

For more information on custom tests, see Ruleset Custom Tests.

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