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12 (2018)

Graphic preparation rules allow you to customize the graphics included in your view style. You can use a graphic preparation rule to implement functionality that does not generally support interfaces that the Drawings environment requires. For example, the MakeDrawable custom module forces objects that cannot normally display in a drawing, such as piping runs objects, to be drawable.

  1. Click Tools > Define View Style. The Define View Style dialog box displays.

  2. In the View Style Type box, select a drawing view type.

  3. To create a new style, click New Style to create a new view style in the current folder. If you want to create a new folder for the view style, click New Folder first, then create the new style in the new folder.

    You can use Rename to change the name of the new folder or style.

  4. Select a new or existing drawing view style, and click Properties to open the View Style Properties dialog box. For more information, see View Style Properties Dialog Box.

  5. In the Graphic Preparation Rule box, select More. The Select Custom Rule dialog box displays.

  6. Click New to create a new graphic rule, or select an existing rule and click Properties to edit the properties. The Custom Graphic Rule dialog box displays.

  7. In the Rule Name box, type a name.

  8. In the Description box, type a description.

  9. In the Filter Name column, select a filter, such as Equipment.

  10. In the Custom Module column, select a .dll file.

  11. Click OK on the Custom Graphic Rule dialog box.

  12. On the Select Custom Rule dialog box, select the new or modified rule, and click OK to return to the View Style Properties dialog box. You can continue specifying parts of the view style on this dialog box.

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