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Some label rules only use one label template, but you can create a custom compound label by adding multiple templates to a label rule. For example, the delivered Equipment Plan_Process Equipment_North-East Coordinate label rule uses three different label templates to create a compound label.

  • You must have write permission to the SharedContent folder.

  • This method produces two independent labels on a drawing. These labels cannot be placed in the same position, and behave as independent labels. For information on combining labels into one symbol, see Create a Compound Label with a Combined Symbol.

  • Compound labels produced with this method can only be used in automatic placement. You cannot manually place a compound label created from label rules.

  • You must have already defined the view style type and the View Style Properties dialog box must be displayed. For more information, see Define View Style Dialog Box and View Style Properties Dialog Box.

Create a compound label for the name and elevation of a piece of equipment:

  1. Select Equipment Elevation_Equipment_Name in the Select Label Rule dialog box, as shown below:

  2. Click Copy.

    The Copy Label Rule dialog box displays.

    For information on selecting a label rule, see Select Label Rule Dialog Box.

  3. Select the label rule name in the Change Rule Name text box and type New Equipment Label, and then click Copy.

    The Copy Label Rule dialog box closes. New Equipment Label displays in the Select Label Rule dialog box. The software creates the following files using New Equipment Label for the name:

    New Equipment Label.sym symbol file

    New Equipment Label.xml label rule template

    New Equipment Label.rtp report template

    New Equipment Label.rqe query file

    New Equipment Label.rfm formatting file

  4. With New Equipment Label still selected, click Properties on the Select Label Rule dialog box.

    The Label Rule Manager opens the New Equipment Label rule, as shown below.

  5. Click Add a template to this rule ( on the right side of the Template List box).

    The software displays a list of view styles affected by the rule change, and prompts you to confirm the action.

  6. Click Yes to confirm.

    The Select Templates dialog box displays.

  7. Press CTRL + to select the two templates listed below, and then click Open:

    • Equipment Elevation_Equipment_Elevation

    • Equipment Elevation_Equipment_Elevation_Symbol

      The Select Templates dialog box closes. The two templates you added display in the Label Rule Manager Template List.

  8. Click Save & Close.

    The Label Rule Manager closes.

  9. Add the new compound label to the appropriate view style. For more information on adding a label rule to a view style, see View Style Properties Dialog Box.

    In this example, the software creates a new compound label called New Equipment Label.


The following illustration shows a piece of equipment in an elevation drawing that uses the original Equipment Elevation_Equipment_Name label rule:

1 - Equipment label with default leader and breakline

The following illustration shows the annotations placed by the New Equipment Label compound label:

1 - Elevation symbol
2 - Elevation label
3 - Equipment label with default leader and breakline

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