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Allows you to specify the distance from a point placed on the model object to the farthest location from the point that the label can be placed.

Use the Label Offset property when you want to place the label within quadrants around the point. The point generator calculates the point. The software starts from the point location and looks outward to the limit of the Label Offset distance, and then begins looking for clear space within which to place the label.

1 - Label Offset

Specify both the horizontal and vertical distances within which to place the label. Both distances must be the same.

  • The software interprets the Label Offset distance that you specify as paper space units and not as model space units.

  • You must specify the distance as a non-negative paper value.

  • The following positioning modules use the Label Offset property:

    • Clear Space Center Then Above (DrawingCenterThenAbove)

    • Clear Space Center Then Above Centerline (DrawingCenterThenAboveCL)

    • Clear Space Radial from Object Center with Clustering (DrawingCentroid)

    • Clear Space Coordinate (DrawingCoordLblPosMod)

    • Clear Space Quadrant 1 (DrawingQuadOne)

    • Clear Space Quadrant 2 (DrawingQuadTwo)

    • Clear Space Quadrant 3 (DrawingQuadThree)

    • Clear Space Quadrant 4 (DrawingQuadFour)

    • Clear Space Along Linear Object (DwgLinearPositioning)

  • To manually edit the .xml file, enclose the offset distance for the label within the following .xml tags.