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Controls the orientation of the coordinate label.

1 – Equipment object
2 – Vertical text label
3 – Static control point coordinate label symbol
4 – Horizontal text label

You can select any of the following three values from a list.

  • Select Vertical to place a vertical label.

  • Select Horizontal to place a horizontal label.

  • Select Symbol to place a static control point coordinate label.

To eliminate duplicate vertically or horizontally aligned labels, only one label is placed on the aligned objects.

  • The software uses the Aligned Objects (DrawingGALabelInline) geometric analyzer to place the label.

  • The following options allow you to manually edit the .xml file:

    • Type 0 to place a static control point coordinate label.

    • Type 1 to place a horizontal text label.

    • Type 2 to place a vertical text label.

  • Enclose any of the above values within the following .xml tags.