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Eliminates volumes from horizontal and vertical matchline label consideration. For horizontal consideration, the command eliminates any neighboring volumes that are too far left or right of the drawing volume center. For vertical matchline label consideration, the command eliminates neighboring volumes that are too far above or below the drawing volume center. The Adjacent Edge Overlap Percentage property is a multiplier that is applied to the sides of the drawing volume. Smaller Adjacent Edge Overlap Percentage values result in more matchline labels.

Specify a Gap Tolerance and an Adjacent Edge Overlap Percentage to define an acceptable volume range, or include range. A matchline label displays when any point of a neighboring view volume lies within the include range. For more information, see Matchline (DrawingMatchlinePG) and Gap Tolerance (gapTolerance).

  • You do not have to use Gap Tolerance and Adjacent Edge Overlap Percentage together.

  • If the closest parallel side of the neighboring volume does not overlap the side of the subject volume by at least the Adjacent Edge Overlap Percentage, the software displays a drawing limit label instead of a matchline label.

  • The default adjacentOverlap value is 0.33.

1 - Drawing volumes (subject volume is blue)
2 - Gap tolerance
3 - Adjacent edge overlap percentage

1 - Drawing volumes (subject volume is blue)
2 - Gap tolerance
3 - Adjacent edge overlap percentage

Type a value in the Adjacent Edge Overlap Percentage box in the Matchline Rule Manager. Alternately, enclose the equivalent decimal value within the following .xml tags:


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