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12 (2018)

Specifies how the drawing area is computed for the view that has this marine mode rule set view style. The properties on the Areas tab are part of the view style definition.

Area Computation

Determines the drawing area applied to the view. The values are as follows:

  • Default (Ruleset) - The drawing area specified by the rule set (if any) is applied to the view.

  • Custom - The drawing area is computed based on settings specified in this view style for every action.

  • Discard - No drawing area is applied for this view, even if one is specified by the rule set.

Boundary Overlap

Specifies the distance to extend the drawing view SmartFrame beyond the computed boundaries.

View Offset

Expands the view on the drawing sheet in all directions in order to prevent matchline distortion and grid plane clipping. The default offset value is 2 mm for composed views and 0 mm for ruleset views. The offset does not affect the size of the volume that is associated with the view.

  • View Offset is only available for views that are associated to a volume. Section and detail views do not have this property value.

  • Negative values are not permitted for this property.

Frame Border Style

Specifies the border style applied to the drawing view SmartFrame. You can set this value to <Not Drawn> to have no border style, or to standard border styles such as Dashed, Dotted, or Thick.

Frame Behavior

Determine the way the SmartFrame resizes when the view is placed. The values are as follows:

  • Frame size is fixed - Frame size is based on the initial size created with the Place View command. For more information, see Place View Command in SmartSketch Drawing Editor.

  • Frame resizes to drawing area - Resizes the frame to the geometry in the view, as determined by the Area Computation property.

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