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View styles consist of tests and actions. One of the tests must be a filter, and the actions are rules that control the drawing results. Each rule is an XML file, which is used as an input to the view style XML file. The rule XML files are located in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Rules folder.

Graphic Rules

Graphic rules control the representation of the model graphics on drawings. For example, you can represent pipe runs as single lines while representing equipment as control point symbols. You can also resymbolize structural members as single lines with detailed widgets placed along the lines. To specify the resymbolization, you create a custom symbol and incorporate the symbol into a graphic rule for a view style. For more information, see Graphic Rules.

Label Rules

Label rules control automatic label placement on drawings. For more information, see Labels.

Before creating a new label rule, you must first create the label query using the Define Label command in the Catalog task. For more information, see Label Editor.

Dimension Rules

Dimension rules control the placement of dimensions while dimension styles control the appearance, including the units, of dimensions on orthographic drawings. You can specify the granularity, offsets, style, text size, and object types for the dimensions. For more information, see Dimension Rules. For more information on working with dimensions, see Dimensions in the Orthographic Drawings User's Guide.

View Rules

The view rules use properties to define how objects are associated to a drawing view. For more information, see View Rules.

Matchline Rules

The matchline rule uses labels to specify the drawing extents and the names of adjoining drawings. For more information, see Matchline Rules.

North Arrow Rules

The north arrow rule uses a label to specify the direction toward north on drawings. For more information, see North Arrow Rules.

The drawing dimension and label rules are discussed further in the Intergraph Smart 3D Programmer's Guide under Extending the Capabilities of the Software. Contact your administrator or Intergraph Support if you need the Intergraph Smart 3D Programmer's Guide. You can find support information on our web site

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