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Line Style

Allows you to specify the style of the line connecting horizontally or vertically aligned pieces of equipment. Define this property when you have labeled equipment inside a plant with coordinate labels.

In the following graphic, the Line Style has been defined with the Dash Dot Red style.

1 - Dash Dot Red Line Style
2 - North coordinate label

You must define line styles manually within the templates delivered in [Product Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Templates\Styles.sha. You can select any one linear style from the styles.sha document. If the Line Style that you want has not been defined in the .sha file, then the software defaults to a solid black line style.

You must use a geometric analyzer module when setting this property. The following geometric analyzer modules use the Line Style property:

  • Object Axis (DrawingGAEquipmentStyle2)

  • Aligned Objects (DrawingGALabelInline)

When you place lines using the Line Style property, you must select True for the Place Lines property. If you select False for the Place Lines property, then the software ignores the defined Line Style. For more information, see Place Lines (placeLines).

To manually edit the .xml file, specify the style that you want applied to the leader line. Enclose this value within the following .xml tags.