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SmartPlant P&ID Drawing Manager Help

Intergraph Smart P&ID
2014 (7.0)

This procedure explains how to enable the ISO 15926 (*.xml) option on the list of formats when using the Save As command in Drawing Manager.

  • You must have a valid license ID to perform this procedure successfully. To obtain a license and receive the license ID for the SmartPlant P&ID ISO 15926 Export Utility, contact your local Intergraph Sales Representative.

  • The file PlantConfig.xml must be located in the SmartPlant P&ID Reference Data folder. This file contains the mapping of the symbology and Heat Trace media line types between SmartPlant P&ID and ISO 15926. If a line style is undefined in the mapping, SmartPlant P&ID lines appear by default in the ISO output as 'solid'. To change the mapping default for an undefined line style, edit the following line in the file:

    <action Style="Undefined" LineType="Solid"/>

  1. At the command prompt, type the full path of the Drawing Manager executable file, for example:
    c:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPlant\P&ID Workstation\bin\DrawingManagerEXE.exe.

  2. Add a space after the path and copy the license ID provided to you after the space.

  3. Run the command to open Drawing Manager. The 'Save as' formats will include the ISO 15926 (*.xml) option as enabled.

To enable this option whenever Drawing Manager is opened, create a shortcut that includes the full path to the executable file and the license ID, and use this shortcut to start Drawing Manager.