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Intergraph Smart P&ID
2014 (7.0)

Typically used in a standalone Workshare collaboration, this command opens the Get Latest Version from Local dialog box, which allows you to browse to the published zip file you received from another site and to select the drawings you want to receive. The Get Latest Version from Local command detects if the incoming published files originated from the expected host site. If they did not, the files are skipped and an entry is written in the log file.

When you get the latest version of a drawing, you do not see updates to that drawing after the point in time when you got that version. That is, the two versions of the drawing are not linked dynamically. In a connected Workshare collaboration, the latest version of a drawing replaces the version of a drawing that you currently have on your computer. In a standalone collaboration, a version is created for each replaced drawing.

When a new drawing created at a satellite is obtained by the host, the drawing ownership at the host is set to the originating site. For projects, when new objects created by a satellite site are obtained by the host, new claim records are created at the host.

Before you can get the latest version of a drawing, that drawing must first be published and assigned to you with the appropriate permissions, and you must have placed the zip file containing the extracted published files on your local computer or a network share to which you have access.