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SmartPlant P&ID Drawing Manager Help

Intergraph Smart P&ID
2014 (7.0)
  1. In the Tree view, select the plant in which you want to create a new drawing.

    The New Drawing command is not available if the node you choose does not permit drawings to be created under it. Permissions for drawings in a given node are set in the hierarchy templates in SmartPlant Engineering Manager.

  2. Click File > New Drawing.

  3. On the New Drawing dialog box, fill in the information that describes your new drawing.

    • If you are using a utility that communicates data from a SmartPlant authoring tool to PDS, remember that there can be no spaces in the path to a drawing, therefore you should name your drawings accordingly.

    • For the Document Type property, you must select P&IDs or D&IDs according to the desired designation of the drawing.

  4. Click Create to generate the new drawing and add it to the plant node; the New Drawing dialog box remains open so that you can create more drawings under this node.

  5. Click OK to create the new drawing, close the dialog box, and return to the main Drawing Manager interface.

  • You can modify the drawing properties that appear in the New Drawing dialog box by modifying them in Database Tables in Data Dictionary Manager.

  • You can specify whether certain drawing properties are required or optional in Options Manager.  The Document Type, Drawing Number, Name, Path, and Template properties are always required for being able to view the drawing.

  • The Drawing Number and Name properties must be unique within each unit.

  • For the Name property, the following characters are not allowed:  / \ : * ' ? " < > |. For the Drawing Number property, the single quote (') character is not allowed.

  • Several standard templates are delivered with SmartPlant P&ID, and you can create new templates in SmartPlant P&ID. If you want to create custom border files for your drawing templates, use Intergraph SmartSketch. You can then embed your border file in the new templates you create in SmartPlant P&ID. Once you embed a border file into a drawing template and a drawing is created in Drawing Manager using that template, any changes to the border file are not reflected in drawings created prior to the change.