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SmartPlant P&ID Drawing Manager Help

Intergraph Smart P&ID
2014 (7.0)
  1. In Drawing Manager, select the drawings for which you want to set the subscription access.

  2. Click Workshare > Subscribe Access.

  3. On the Subscribe Access dialog box, select the site that you want to grant access to from the Available Sites list.

  4. Click Add to move that site into the Selected Sites list.

You can remove read access from these permissions by using the Remove button to move a site out of the Selected Sites list.

  • You must have published a drawing before you can assign access to another site.

  • When assigning subscription access, drawings in standalone Workshare mode are writable, whereas drawings in connected Workshare mode are read-only.

  • If a drawing in standalone Workshare mode is modified at the satellite site and then published and sent back to the host, it will not be available for selection at the host when the Get Latest Version from Local command is run. To grant read/write permission for the drawing at the host site, use the Assign Ownership option. For details, see Assign Ownership to a Drawing (see ).

  • When the other site gets a copy of a drawing to which they have read access, they do not see updates to that drawing after the point when they receive that version. That is, the two instances of the drawing are not linked dynamically. For more information about getting the latest version of a drawing, see Getting Latest Versions of Drawings.