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SmartPlant P&ID Drawing Manager Help

Intergraph Smart P&ID
2014 (7.0)
  1. In the List view, select the drawing.

  2. Click Version History .

  3. In the drawing list on the Version History dialog box, select two versions of the drawing.

  4. Click Compare. If you want to compare your drawing to a version in a different project or the Plant, see Compare Drawing Versions for As-Built and Projects.

  5. On the Compare dialog box, you can view the differences between the two versions, but you cannot make changes to the designs. To change the design, you must use the SmartPlant P&ID Modeler. For more information about using the compare-and-refresh capabilities, see SmartPlant P&ID Modeler Help.

  • You can manipulate the views and navigate through the listed changes by using the commands on the Compare dialog box toolbar. Each Drawing view also has its own shortcut menu, which includes manipulation commands that apply only to that view.

  • You can select an item in either Drawing view. The item is then located in the appropriate group in the Change details list. If you select an item in the Change details list, then you can use the Find in Drawings button on the toolbar to locate the item in one or both Drawing views.

  • You can select an item in the Drawing view or in the Change details list. Properties for that item appear in the Properties window. Selecting multiple items is not possible on the Compare dialog box.

  • The following differences are ignored: claim status, select list strings, linked or embedded objects, symbology, and inconsistency indicators.

  • You can only compare a drawing against a version of itself; that is, you cannot compare one drawing to another drawing.

  • You can also compare versions when you are checking in a drawing. For more information, see Check In a Drawing.

  • If at any point you attempt to compare two versions that are actually identical to each other, the Compare dialog box does not open and a confirmation message alerts you as to why.