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Intergraph Smart 3D HVAC

Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

All objects in the HVAC task have properties that you can edit. Using the Select command on the vertical toolbar, you select the object that you want to edit.

An important part of the Select command is the Locate Filter box that appears on the ribbon. The Locate Filter box contains the available, predefined filters for the Select command. When you choose a filter in the Locate Filter box, the software allows you to select only the filtered objects in a graphic view and in the Workspace Explorer. For example, if you select Duct Runs, you can select only duct runs in a graphic view or in the Workspace Explorer.

The HVAC task includes these filters:


Allows you to select HVAC connections.

Duct Features

Allows you to select objects that are editable in the HVAC task.

Duct Parts

Allows you to select ducting and component parts.

Duct Runs

Allows you to select entire duct runs.

Duct Spools

Allows you to select duct spools.


Allows you to select equipment components.

HVAC Nozzles

Allows you to select HVAC nozzles.

Use the Inside fence command to select all objects entirely inside the fence.

Use the Inside/Overlapping fence command to select all objects entirely inside the fence and those objects outside but touching the fence at some point.