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Places a component on the surface of a duct in the design.


Opens the Insert Surface Mount Component Properties dialog box. You can use this dialog box to define specifications of the surface-mounted component after you select a feature and specify a part. For more information, see Insert Surface Mount Component Properties Dialog Box.

Select Feature

Allows you to select the straight feature or turn for the surface-mounted component that you are placing.

Component Part

Defines the surface-mounted component to insert from the catalog. The list includes the last 10 names of surface-mounted component parts that you have placed. The More option opens the Select Part dialog box for browsing the catalog for the correct part.

Enter Insertion Point

Positions the surface-mounted component that you are placing along the duct that you selected. You can use Tools > PinPoint and Tools > Point Along to define the precise location of the surface-mounted component on the duct run.


Places the surface-mounted component in the duct run.

Reference position

Defines the insertion point of the surface-mounted component by a particular port or by its definition origin. If you have not selected a component, the only available option is Origin.


Defines a reference point on the duct surface for defining the position of the surface- mounted component. A palette menu provides the following options: top surface, left side; top surface, center; top surface, right side; bottom surface, left side; bottom surface, center; bottom surface, right side; left surface, top side; left surface, center; left surface, bottom side; right surface, top side; right surface, center; and right surface, bottom side.

For round and flat oval cross sections, the corner (left/right/top/bottom side) references are mapped to the curved portion of the cross section shape at a point 45 degrees from the start or end of the cross section curve.


Defines the offset distance of the mount point for the surface-mounted component from the mounting reference.


Defines the occurrence name of the surface-mounted component that you are placing.


Rotates the surface-mounted component about the duct interactively around the feature axis.


Defines an angle for rotating the surface-mounted component about the duct.