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SmartPlant Electrical Import Manager Help

Intergraph Smart Electrical
2015 R1 (7.1)

You can create a data link that enables you to import items to different plant group types. To achieve this goal, in Options Manager, you need to set the item hierarchy level for the required item type. Then, you can use the Code Adaptation wizard to define the property code.

The plant hierarchy path of the required item types must be defined in the source data. To define the correct hierarchy path of the source data, use the Get Plant Hierarchy Path dialog box to copy the exact hierarchy path for each source electrical item. For details, see Insert Correct Item Hierarchy Paths in Source Data.

  1. In Options Manager, define the item hierarchy of the source item type as follows:

    1. On the Options Manager menu bar, click Options > Item Types.

    2. For each item type that you require, select an item type from the Item Types list.

    3. Select a value for the Plant group type property and click Save .

  2. In Import Manager, start the Code Adaptation Wizard (for details, see Adapt Property Codes.)

  3. On the Define the Property Code page, select the ItemHierarchy property.

  4. Select a source value in the Property map pane and click Add to define the target value.

  5. Define a data link for the same item type. For details, see Create a Data Link.

  6. On the Source and Target Definition page of the Data Link wizard, select the appropriate code adaptation if needed and click Next.

  7. Map the ItemHierarchy target field as required and run the data link.