Search Criteria for Selecting Drawings - PDS - Reference

Plant Design System (PDS) ISOGEN


The following are search criteria that can be used separately or together to locate a drawing or group of drawings within an ISO area. All defined search criteria must be met before a drawing can be included in an isometric extraction.

  • Iso Area

    Key in the name of the iso area that you want to extract lines from.


    a. Select the Iso Area List button.

    The system displays the Iso Areas form.

    b. Select the appropriate iso area and click the accept button.

    The system returns to the Revise Drawing form with the selected area in the Iso Area field.

    • If you want to restrict the list further, you must supply additional criteria such as batch reference numbers and drawing numbers.

    • An iso area must be selected before any other search criteria can be defined.

  • Batch Reference

    Key in the batch reference number of the lines you want to extract.

    To use batch reference numbers as criteria, specify them in individual drawing records when adding drawing records to the Project Control Database.

  • Model Status Code

    Key in the status code if you want to restrict a list to all lines of a given status.

  • Drawing Number Low / Drawing Number High

    These commands define, by drawing number, the range of lines to retrieve.

    • Key in a drawing number in each field to identify the range of lines to extract.


      a. Activate a cursor in the Drawing Number Low (or High) field by placing a data point.

      b. Select the Drawing List button.

      The system activates the List Drawings form.

      c. Select the drawing that will represent the low (or high) drawing number and select the accept button.

  • The system returns to the Create Batch Job Input form with the selected drawing displayed in the Drawing Number Low (or High) field. Model Revised Date Low / Model Revised Date High

    These commands restrict, by model revision date, the list of lines to retrieve.

    Key in the model revision date in either the low or high field to restrict the list of lines.

  • Select Subset of All Selections / Select All

    This toggle allows you to revise further the previously generated list of drawings.

    If the Select Subset of All Selections option is used, you must select one or more drawings from the list of drawings in the scroll field.

    If the Select All option is used, all drawings contained in the drawing list are selected. Drawings can still be unhighlighted and highlighted after this option is selected.

  • Review a Drawing

    The Review a Drawing command allows you to review information on a single drawing. The toggle must be set to Select Subset of All Selections before selecting this command.

  • Reset Selections

    The Reset Selections command allows you to reset the list of drawings to be revised.

  • Display Selections

  • The Display Selections command allows you to view the list of drawings as it is defined by the current search criteria settings.