What is AText - PDS - Reference

Plant Design System (PDS) ISOGEN

12 (2018)

Alternative Text (AText) is a powerful ISOGEN feature that enables you to easily change or remove any text on the isometric drawing.

The feature operates by assigning a unique identification number to each standard text string. The ID number is then referred to whenever a change is required to the text string that the number represents.

For a complete list of available ATexts and their default values, see Grouping of AText Listings.

By definition, a standard text string can be a single character, a single word, or a group of words. However, some ATexts are, by default, set to an all blank word. The total number of separate standard text strings held by the software in this way is in excess of 300.

Identification Number Format

Because identification numbers are always negative, they are must be preceded by a minus sign. For example, AText -249 (see The Isometric Drawing Area) represents the default word WEST, which is used in the main isometric drawing area.