IPLOT Plot Request Files - PDS - Reference

Plant Design System (PDS) ISOGEN

12 (2018)

An IPLOT plot request file is necessary if you want to plot isometrics using the IPLOT software.

Use the following steps to create an IPLOT plot request file:

  1. Copy your isometric seed file and get into the copy in graphics. Set up view 1 to have all of the parameters that you wish to be active for the plotted drawings (that is, turn off text node display, turn on/off levels to be plotted, etc.). Save this set-up with FILE DESIGN. Determine the coordinates, in working units, of the area to be plotted. These should be the lower left and upper right corners of the fence that would have been used for plotting.

    Write the coordinates down.

  2. From the command line prompt, key in the following command to create the IPLOT plot request file:

    $iplot create "plot parameter filename" -design=design name -queue=queue name

    region=[x1, y1, x2, y2] -scale=design units:plotter units -view=#


plot parameter filename

is the plot parameter file to be generated


is the design filename created by copying the seed file in step 1 above.


identifies the plot queue on the plot node.


identifies the area to plot. Use the coordinates determined from step 1.

design units:

plotter units

is an option scaling ratio for the plotted area. If you prefer, you may use -XSIZE=x size or -YSIZE=y size instead of the -SCALE= parameter to define the scaling. You may also leave this parameter off if no scaling is needed.


view number

border name

is the border filename to be attached as reference file with default logical name IPLOT_R2. The logical name IPLOT_R2 should not be changed.

Example 1:

iplot create test.i -design=test.dgn -queue=muxque -region=[0,0,17:0,11:8] -view=1

The system creates the file test.i.