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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
Release Bulletin
13.1 (2019 R1)

Version 2019 R1

  • The following enhancements have been implemented to support As-Built workflows:

    • Improved out-of-the-box (OOTB) mapping for Smart 3D, PDS 3D, and PDMS source types.

    • General enrichment to the native Smart Interop Publisher schema.

    • Updated PDMS .att file reader to obtain more object types such as piping, cabletray, conduit and ducting ports, property data, and connectivity relationships.

    • Updated PDS 3D .xml file reader to obtain more property data and connectivity relationships. These PDS 3D updates and the latest PDS 3D hotfix release provide the required As-Built capabilities with PDS 3D seeded As-Built models.

    • Updated Smart 3D .xml file reader to transform the input Smart 3D data to support As-Built capabilities. The .xml reader update and the enhanced 3DModelData publish capabilities in Smart 3D 2019 provide the required As-Built capabilities with Smart 3D seeded As-Built models.

  • A PDS_ASPECTS sheet has been added to the default PDSToR3DMapping.xls and customPDSToR3DMapping.xls files for translating PDS 3D data. The PDS 3D Piping and Equipment models use different levels to maintain geometries corresponding to different aspects. The PDS_ASPECTS sheet allows you to map a PDS level to an aspect for display in Smart Review. For more information, see Translate PDS source files.

  • Translation of PDMS source files has been enhanced to create logical ports so that routing in Smart 3D is faster and easier. The logical ports contain location, orientation, and cross-section information for routing cableway, conduit, or HVAC workflows when the Smart Model is referenced into Smart 3D.

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