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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)
  1. On the horizontal ribbon, set the Locate Filter box to Equipment, and then select an equipment object.

    • If the Locate Filter box is not displayed on the horizontal ribbon, click Select on the vertical toolbar.

    • To edit the properties of a designed equipment object for which geometry has yet to be defined, you must select the object from the system hierarchy in the Workspace Explorer.

  2. Click Properties on the horizontal ribbon.

    The Properties dialog box displays.

    You can also access the Properties dialog box by selecting Properties from the Edit menu, or by right-clicking an equipment object and choosing Properties from the short-cut menu.

  3. Click the appropriate dialog box tabs, and modify the properties as needed.

  4. Click OK to save your changes, and return to the workspace.

    You can also select Apply to put the changes into effect and continue working in the Properties dialog box.

  • Occurrence and definition properties for an equipment object are defined by the Excel workbook named Equipment.xls in the reference data. For information on adding or editing different types of properties, refer to the Reference Data Guide, accessible from the Help > Printable Guides command in the software.

  • If more than one piece of equipment is selected, the Occurrence tab displays only the common occurrence properties of the items.

  • The Definition, Connections, Weight & CG, and Relationship tabs are read-only. The properties and values displayed on these tabs are defined in the reference data. For more information, see the Equipment and Furnishings Reference Data Guide, accessible from the Help > Printable Guides command in the software.

  • If the equipment model was created using Solid Edge, then any changes that affect the shape or size of the equipment model require that you have Solid Edge running on your computer.