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10.1 (2014 R1)

Displays the part information for the equipment object, the properties and their values, as defined in the reference data. If more than one equipment object is selected, only the common properties for the selected objects display on the tab. For more information about the information defined in the reference data, see the Equipment and Furnishings Reference Data Guide, available from the Help > Printable Guides command in the software.


Select the properties to review. Equipment information is divided into several different categories, such as Standard, Equipment Specification, Equipment Support, Nozzle Length, and Equipment Dimensions.

Not all categories are available for all equipment objects.


Displays the name of the property. The properties that appear are dependent on the equipment type selected. For example, the properties displayed for an equipment object based on a pump are different from those based on a cooler. For more information on equipment part properties, see the Equipment and Furnishings Reference Data Guide, available with the Help > Printable Guides command within the Equipment and Furnishings task.


Displays the value of the corresponding property.