Place an opening by boundaries - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D Civil

Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)
  1. Click Place Opening on the vertical toolbar.

  2. Select the object in which you want to place the opening. You can select walls, slabs, and members.

  3. Click Select Boundaries .

  4. Select objects in the model to use as boundaries of the opening.

    You must select the boundary objects in a clockwise or counterclockwise order.

  5. Click Accept .

  6. Optionally, define any offset from the boundaries that you have selected.

    Type 0 to place the opening edge on the boundary. Type a negative number to offset the opening inside the boundary. Type a positive number to offset the opening outside the boundary. This offset can only be applied when the selected boundaries are lines or planes.

  7. Click OK on the Boundary dialog box.

  8. Click Finish.