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The SM_ShipCheckMfctyRules.xls workbook defines the manufacturability rules in the catalog. The rules analyze piping, planning, structural detailing, and hole objects, reporting the objects that are difficult or impossible to manufacture. Each worksheet represents a rule class in the catalog. The workbook is delivered to the [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles folder and is bulkloaded into the catalog. The same workbook is used by the Planning, Piping, Structural Detailing, Structural Manufacturing, and Hole Management tasks.

The workbook is delivered with the CheckRulesPlanning worksheet containing the following attributes:

Definition Section

Defines attributes that apply to the entire class.


Class type defined on the PartClassTypes sheet of [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles\AllShipCodeLists.xls. Do not modify.


Code list value for the class type defined internally by the software. Do not modify.


Code list value for the rule type defined internally by the software. Do not modify.


Flag to indicate if the rule class consists of a single ProgID or a list of rules. The value is set to TRUE, allowing a list of rules. Do not modify.

Head Section

Defines individual rules.


Name of the rule as it appears in the Catalog task.


Description of the rule as it appears in the Catalog task.


ProgID of the class module of the rule within the rule Visual Basic project, using the format [.dll Name]. [Class Module Name].


Identifies related rules in different bulkload workbooks that share the same RuleClassType and RuleType values. Related rules are sorted in the Catalog task by the value assigned.

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